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Enzymes are the catalysts that help sustain life! They are an integral part of every single metabolic function the body undergoes. Our bodies do manufacture many of the enyzmes that we need. Read more…

AbsorbAid: Superior Plant Enzyme Formulas

AbsorbAid® is often recommended by medical doctors, has been clinically tested,
and scientifically proven to be safe and effective!

AbsorbAid AbsorbAid Platinum AbsorbAid AbsorbAid

Kolorex®: Powerful New Zealand Extract

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Using patented supercritical CO2 extraction technology Forest Herbs Research has created a powerful extract from the New Zealand native herb Pseudowintera colorata.

Digestive Care

AbsorbAid® Dual-Action CHEWS

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The newest addition to the AbsorbAid® family of digestive health products. AbsorbAid® the trusted name and award winning brand in enzymes since 1995!


Dr. Janet Angel

Executive Vice-President, Nature's Sources Nutritional Biochemist, Product Expert Enzymes are the catalysts that help sustain life!


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